Regatta Day Sale: 50% off all patterns!

Happy Regatta Day! I’m celebrating this unusual holiday with 50% off all patterns in my Ravelry shop. No coupon code required! promo has ended


So… what’s Regatta Day?

The Royal St. John’s Regatta is the oldest organized sporting event in North America, dating back to 1818 (learn more about the history here).

More than just boat races, “the Regatta” is an annual community event well known for its large crowds and lakeside entertainment (from food and drink to games of chance and everything in between).

Regatta Day is also a civic holiday in St. John’s and falls on the first Wednesday of August – weather permitting. If the weather isn’t suitable for racing, the races – and the holiday – are postponed. Playing “Regatta Roulette” refers to the practice of partying on the Tuesday night before the Regatta is supposed to be held in hopes that the races, and the holiday, will go ahead as scheduled!

As if that weren’t enough, many stores in the greater St. John’s area that don’t observe the holiday hold massive Boxing Day/Black Friday-type sales on Regatta Day. This year I figured I’d jump on board!

For today only, get 50% off all individual patterns* in the Kniterations Ravelry shop! No coupon code required. promo has ended

*Excludes the Wreckhouse Collection eBook

Happy knitting!

– Allison

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